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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Intro continued

Hum... I knew I forgot something. Unlike most of the other bloggers on this site, I am NOT a LLL Leader - although I have hosted a hundred or so meetings during my lifetime (my parents' house). I am but a humble member of La Leche League... strangely enough, in the 9 months that I have actually been a mom, I have only attended one LLL meeting (my mom's hometown group) because I have been so overwhelmed with the adjustments to mommyhood. I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment this wknd, which will put me geographically closer to my local LLL group in Delmar, NY, so I am hoping that living closer and having a slightly older baby will assist me in getting to meetings regularly.
Well, I gotta get back to packing/hugging baby.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Conference blogger 4

Hi everyone!
It's a couple months before the LLLI Conference, and I'm cautiously typing on the keyboard, hoping not to wake up my sleeping 9 month old daughter. She's snoozing next to her Abba (Hebrew word for "Dad"). I'm a little nervous about making the trip up to DC - it's about 5 or 6 hours by car, and Chava (my little one) is not overly thrilled with cartrips. I really wish the car industry would invent some sort of seatbelt sling that would firmly hold the baby in place while still allowing the mother to nurse. This would certainly make my life a whole lot easier!
I am also thinking about the whole "no stroller" policy at the Conference... while it certainly makes sense from a statistical point of view (a thousand women pushing carts would make an awful traffic jam), I'm not looking forward to lugging a diaper bag around all day. Notice I didn't say anything about putting the BABY in the stroller! ha! She's very particular (I'm told she takes after me) and really only likes to be carried in her sling... which is fine with me. I've got nice muscles from toting baby around all day. Plus, I must admit that I really enjoy snuggling up with her even as I go about my business.
I can't believe she's still unconscious... I don't even know what to do with myself! Well, here's to a successful lead-up to the LLLI Conference and a fun blogging session!

Chana Sidi