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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Intro continued

Hum... I knew I forgot something. Unlike most of the other bloggers on this site, I am NOT a LLL Leader - although I have hosted a hundred or so meetings during my lifetime (my parents' house). I am but a humble member of La Leche League... strangely enough, in the 9 months that I have actually been a mom, I have only attended one LLL meeting (my mom's hometown group) because I have been so overwhelmed with the adjustments to mommyhood. I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment this wknd, which will put me geographically closer to my local LLL group in Delmar, NY, so I am hoping that living closer and having a slightly older baby will assist me in getting to meetings regularly.
Well, I gotta get back to packing/hugging baby.



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