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Monday, June 06, 2005

Flying in..

Well, I just booked a flight from Albany to DC! Always a little nerve wracking, since it seems so permanent - I doublechecked the dates, but ultimately ended up scheduling the wrong departure time. After quite a bit of screeching (to my unfortunate mother - unfortunate that she had to listen to me) I was able to change the time at no extra cost. This will be my baby's first plane ride... I'm nervous, but at least it's a short flight - only an hour and 10 mins - plus, she'll be able to sit on my lap and nurse. I've heard that it's good to nurse during takeoff and landing because it helps the baby's ears adjust to the pressure difference.
I'm really excited... can't believe I'm going to a conference as a mommy instead of as a kid or a teen helper! lol. It should be a lot of fun.. I already bought a couple new things to wear, just for fun.

I'm going to my first local LLL meeting tomorrow morning - we're finally moved in to our new apt..