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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ha! Eureka!

So, here it is, the last day of the conference... and I've successfully blogged a pathetic ONCE.
I'm not sure if I should do an excessive recap, or just blog about today, or blah blah blah...
Since arriving, I've met a number of really wonderful people. The overall impression I get is that the atendees at the conference are a bunch of incredible and devoted moms. It's funny, leaving the home environment where most people bottlefeed and overdose on strollers and gerber cans -- and then coming here... it's like a mecca for baby slings and "boob juice". Seeing all the attachment parentng is really heartwarming. Considering there are over a thousand children here, it's amazing that there isn't total chaos. There are generally very few crying babies or children that remain upset for more than a matter of minutes or seconds.

I'll have to write later, perhaps when I am home, to tell you about the sessions I went to. The posts that got deleted included all that information, and my baby just won't allow me the luxury right now of typing it for a third time.

Having a grand ol' time...


Anonymous Abby said...

Poohsky! Sorry your blogger ate your posts! I was looking forward to reading all about your sessions. I am so envious that you were able to go to a League Conference as a mom... Someday you and I will go together!



9:28 AM


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